Lead Assignment

Pastor, Wilbur Straking, leads a protest to stop Backwater University from teaching evolution.

Straking and 25 Christian’s main target is Laura Cliff who is a professor of biology. He plans to protest the state capital.

“We believe the teaching of evolution is against the principles of this Christian country,” said Straking.

Lead #2

A car crash killed 65 year old Moyer Quick yesterday in Woodbury County.

The rear end of Quick’s car hit Randy Radin’s truck while he was attempting to pass him. Both vehicles went into a ditch.

The passengers in Quick’s car, Dorothy Quick (wife) and Maxine Steuerwald, are in good condition. Radin is in critical condition with a fractured skull and internal injuries.

The accident is still under investigation.


The ban of hand-held radar guns was issued yesterday by the East Dakota Highway patrol in Sioux City, Iowa. 70 radar guns will be withdrawn from police service for concerns of exposure to long term radiation.

Three police officers in Central City claimed they had developed cancer from hand-held radar guns. The situation is under review as researches find if radar guns cause cancer.

News Comment #2

Is It News?

The former billionaire and chief executive of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, is now going to trial for fraud claims about her company’s blood testing. She is facing twelve counts of fraud over false claims. Her defense lawyers went through 100 jurors before they found seven men and five women who were suitable for the trial.

The intended audience of this article is friends and family of Elizabeth Holmes, as well as people who use Theranos for blood testing. The audience is now aware that blood-testing through this company is not safe. In addition, the family and friends of Elizabeth Holmes are relieved the defense team has put together an unbiased group of jurors.

The Elizabeth Holmes trial is news. The trial has just begun so the information is timely. The article also impacts many people: Theranos employees, the jurors, the family and friends of Holmes, and the people who went there for their blood testing. The article does not help me make a decision, it pretty much made the decision for me. I will not use Theranos for blood testing.

The readers can also keep in mind the time spent and amount of questions the defense team has to ask potential jurors. It can be extremely difficult for the defense attorneys to find a group of unbiased jurors especially now that everyone hears about everything through social media.

News Report #1

Is It News?

To summarize the article, a fossil was discovered in Brazil in 2013, and the fossil was taken in a raid in Sao Paulo. The fossil is known as Tupandactylus navigan from the pterosaur species. In the article, Dr. David Hone notes that fossil smuggling in Brazil is very popular.

The author uses great detail when talking about the new bird fossil, but lacked including information about the problems of fossil smuggling and how it is important to this story. The part about fossil smuggling did not interest me, in fact it confused me. It is unclear who Victor Beccari is. Is he one of the people who found the fossil or one of the people who took the fossil? There is little information about the seizing of the fossil in Sao Paulo. After reading, I don’t know who found the fossil or who took the fossil. It was said at the end of the article that the fossil was safe in a museum. Stolen fossils really have nothing to do with this story.

That being said, I was intrigued about the fossil itself. The author does a good job describing the bird and using images of what the bird would have looked like. This, to me, is the most interesting part of the story. I would like to know more about the bird and if anyone has found any similar fossils since 2013.

I don’t think the article is news. It does not have enough information to help me make a good decision on whether or not I should steal fossils. I think fossils are cool, and if I find one, I want to keep it and study it myself. There will always be new bones and fossils uncovered all over the world, and I want to read an article that makes me feel like I’m discovering a new fossil.

About Me

National Tournament Tyson Center 2021 v. Concordia

Hey guys and welcome to my first post! My name is Alexis Spier and I was born and raised in Gretna, Nebraska. I grew up with an admiring older brother. I looked up to his athleticism, his looks, his humor, and his ability to walk into any place like he owns it. I have the definition of loving, supportive parents.. who are obsessed with basketball just like me!

I went to Gretna High School from 2016-2020. I played basketball and soccer. Unfortunately my last two years of soccer, I was unable to play. An ACL injury and COVID cut my soccer career pretty short. My senior prom and graduation were also cancelled. However, I looked forward to my first year at Morningside College.

This is my second year at Morningside University. I was blessed with wonderful teammates who make playing basketball an honor. Many of my high school and even middle school friends are here at Morningside making it feel like home. This will be my second year working for the sports director, Mark Adkins, helping out with stats and really anything he needs me to do. This is just a stepping stone for me to reach my goal of being an announcer for the NBA.

My Friend, Zach

Hello fellow students and friends! I am Alexis Spier and I am excited to introduce you to Zach Norton(19). Zach was born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He has one older brother. “You would never guess who my brother is,” explains Zach, “we don’t look or act alike.”

Zach attended Bishop O’Gorman High School. In high school, he played and excelled in football, basketball, baseball, and track. In 2020, he arrived at Morningside College (when it was still called that) to be a wide receiver on the football team. “I used to make fun of my friend for looking into Morningside,” Zach said, “until they offered me.” As well as football, he studies business and finance.

Now, as a student of Morningside UNIVERSITY, he speaks highly of his first year on campus. “I didn’t drop a pass all year,” he said. He has many friends on the football team, including his roommate, Jackson. As the season approaches, Zach is ready for all his work in preseason to pay off.