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Thursday August 22nd 2019



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Senior Art Student’s Nightmare

By Kayla Perkins--As the school year comes to an end seniors prepare to wrap up their college careers. For some this involves simply meeting with advisors, but for others, for the art students, it involves expressing their growth in senior art shows. However, for one student, growth would not be [...]

Cleaning Out Your Closet Before Semester End

Cleaning Out Your Closet Before Semester End

By Diane Nguyen--Classes are almost out for the semester. Meaning all of the clothes you brought to Morningside for the school year and clothes you left at home are either too small, old, or god forbid even out of style.  It's time for Spring Cleaning or, more appropriately, [...]

Spring Break Power Outage

By Kayla Samek--Even though the residence halls remained open for Spring Break this year, just a few students choose to stay at the school. Unfortunately for them, around midnight of Friday the 11th, a car hit a utility pole, causing a power outage for much of the campus. The downed pole [...]

Hungry for Hungry’s?

Hungry for Hungry’s?

by Brittany Conolly Steak, potato, and Texas toast, all cooked in front of you on a grill. Hungry’s restaurant in Dakota City provides just that atmosphere. The restaurant is centered at the middle of town, and sits on the main road that goes through Dakota City, North 14th Street. The [...]