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Wednesday March 20th 2019



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Put your money where your mouth is

By Claire DeRoin ~ Does walking around for a day without shoes really help children in third-world countries that cannot afford shoes? A Day Without Shoes/Morningside Some Morningside students recently participated in an event that is supposed to raise awareness for those poor souls that [...]

The Marriage Follies

By Claire DeRoin ~ While I’ve previously written about couples getting engaged far too early in their relationship, I’m also annoyed by something on the opposite end of the spectrum: couples that get engaged and announce that their wedding date is set- for three years in the future. I [...]

Fools Rush In

By Claire DeRoin ~ It seems like every time I log on to Facebook, another one of my friends is engaged. Don’t get me wrong; I love romance, chick flicks, and hearing mushy stories from my girlfriends about what fantastic dates they’ve been on or the cute thing their guy said to them. But [...]

Super-letdown for this years commercials.

By Brittany Poss-- Super Bowl Sunday brought avid fans from all realms. New England Patriot enthusiasts, New York Giant fanatics, and commercial lovers were all in attendance. Each year, many people wait to enjoy the commercial creativity as much as they anticipate the year-end finale. General [...]

People express their pain differently

By Brittany Poss-- In the event of a tragedy there are two strong emotions that unite those who are suffering; love and pain. Another emotion that is as strong as these is hate. But hate is an emotion that separates and divides. In the event of a funeral, everyone is grieving but it may not be [...]

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