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Life as a waitress

By Brittany Poss ~ Going out to eat is supposed to be a relaxing experience. Being away from your own kitchen, indulging in delicious cuisines, and having someone wait on you are one of the many perks. As a waitress, I know that way too many customers take advantage of this persona. I have [...]

Summer eateries

By Brittany Poss ~ The semester is coming to an end. One by one students are waving goodbye to Morningside’s lively campus. For those students who are sticking around during the vacation, life around campus looks quite different during the summer term, including the lack of readily available [...]

Nerd Culture Goes Mainstream

Nerd Culture Goes Mainstream

By Shelby Powell ~ Iron Man 2 generated over 125 million dollars in ticket sales and it’s preceding film put Robert Downey Jr. back on the entertainment map. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of popular social networking website Facebook, parlayed his geeky affinity for computers into a million dollar [...]

Professors beware – Facebookers ahead

By Claire DeRoin ~ With end of the semester evaluations coming up for professors and instructors, I can’t help but worry for Morningside faculty. Students in the majority of my classes spend their time not listening to lectures, but browsing Facebook. I’ve looked around during class and [...]

StuGov 2011-2012 wrap-up

StuGov 2011-2012 wrap-up

By  Katie Schiltz, Student Advocate - Morningside College Student Government has had a pretty good run this year. We have made quite a few improvements on campus and accomplished many of our goals that we started creating after being elected into office at the end of the 2010-2011 school [...]

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