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Going ‘Into the Streets’ of Sioux City

Going ‘Into the Streets’ of Sioux City

By Gustav Hollnagel—Today was my third time of participating in the annual community service event “Into the Streets”. Before I get into any details about today’s community service I’d like to say that I feel special to be part of this institution that allows us all to give a helping hand [...]

Food Review – Golden Bowl

By Meghanne Adams-- If you’re in the mood for Chinese food, Sioux City has limited options. Let’s face it; it just isn’t a Chinese food hot spot. Contrary to the limitations of the area, a little unknown restaurant close to downtown proves to have an authentic taste, more than reasonable [...]

Patriotism shouldn’t be one day only

By Claire DeRoin-- #Remember911 and #NeverForget911 trended on Twitter for the first half of the day on September 11, 2012, but by the evening, #theVoice had taken over and no 9-11 hashtags remained on the top trending list. Why is it that a lot of Americans seem to pick and choose the days [...]

Saving money at Target

By Meghanne Adams-- We are all college students, which usually can mean one thing: we are probably broke. Target is a store that has a lot of the must-haves on our weekly shopping lists and is fairly close to our school. I’ve compiled some tips together to help save students money while shopping [...]

Reaction: Obama on campus

Reaction: Obama on campus

By Paige Potter-- The cheering of hundreds of people and chanting of  “four more years!” as   President Obama made his way to stage on Saturday, September 1, 2012, was a feeling I will never forget.  Over the past four days, all the Morningside students had seen the preparation taking place [...]

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