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Thursday June 20th 2019



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Following a radio dream

By Michelle Kuester-- Becoming a radio DJ is a dream that a lot of kids have. It is exciting to be able to get their ideas out there and to hear themselves on the radio. I too had this dream as a child. I would call into the local radio station with requests with the hopes that they would play my [...]

The ‘blahs’ can be depression

By Michelle Kuester-- Everyone has heard of the phrase “the winter blues.” This is the coldest and most depressing time of year, especially for those who are alone during the holidays. Depression and desolation can lead people to drastic and dangerous actions such as suicide. The highest [...]

At 75, Bob Edlund is a noon ball icon

At 75, Bob Edlund is a noon ball icon

By Abby Bull-- Bob Edlund is an extraordinary man whose love for basketball has kept him an active member of noon hoops in the HPER for years.  Don’t let his 75 years of age fool you; Bob has been a regular at noon hoops since 1998. Bob said, “Playing noon hoops has led to great [...]

The sweater vest returns

By Michelle Kuester-- Sweater vests. Once considered apparel of the past, could they be making a return? From wool to synthetic fibers and at all different price points, how could they not return to popularity? I came across Dave Madsen, chair of the Department of Mass Communication, and asked [...]

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