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Iowa Highway patrol bans hand-held radar guns

Iowa Highway patrol ordered a ban of 70 radar guns to be removed from service yesterday, because of the concerns that the radar could develop cancer emitted by the devices.

Yesterday, the Iowa Highway patrol put into affect the ban that 70 radar guns will be withdrawn from service.  Adam Berluti, a spokesman for the Iowa Highway patrol  had this to say about the issue.  “The feeling here is to err on the side of caution until more is known about the issue, the whole situation is under review.”  The reason for the ban is, because of concerns that troopers could develop cancer from longterm exposure to the radiation waves emitted by the devices.  The ban was ordered as a precaution while studies are conducted into the possible links between cancer and the use of such guns.

The Last Conversation

The last conversation I had with a person before I entered my first class of the day was rather a random one.  It was with my good friends Jenni and Zach about taking a nap before class.  I was sleeping on the couch in the CR room of the Mass Communications department when Jenni was just about to wake me up, but I was awake before she could get to me.  She was wearing a gray sweatshirt jacket along with her backpack as she entered the room while Zach stood outside the door in his blue Hawaiian t-shirt and tan cargo shorts laughing at how the attempt Jenni had tried failed.  While then I asked him where he had gotten a cupcake from, because it had looked good enough to eat.  The conversation ended as I walked into class.

Ashley Stagner

Ashley is twenty-years-old from Columbus Junction, IA. She is a junior at Morningside College transferring from Iowa Central. She is majoring in English.  Her favorite food is chicken.  She is involved with marching band and the campus ministry.  Advice she gives transfers is to get out and try new things to get involved in on campus.

In your words

What’s your definition of objectivity?  Why be objective?  How do you do it?

To me objectivity is defined as being biased in pointing out the facts of what is being presented with a topic.  It helps to be objective in that way to bring the audience in with how the writer is viewing the topic that they have written about and is wanting the reader to feel the same way.  But, how do you do that?  It is quite simple really.  It is about the writer wording the article to fit what they are expressing by the word choice they use and by stating what they want to say and get across to people.

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