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It’s clear to see that the media is entering a new generation, but how does this generation feel as they are coming closer to entering the media coverage world.  We talked to Jenni Beaver about her view on the subject.


As elections for the next president come up.  Carson and Clinton are aspecting to tie in a head-to-head match up for the Democratic and Republican seat position in the next up coming presidential election.  Pete Iverson a professor at Morningside College had more to say about the topic.


Fans from across the world are in joy as the New Zealand rugby team went to Twickenham, London, England to compete in the Rugby World Cup 2015 final.  New Zealand went and played a fair challenging game, and ended up winning against Australia thirty-four to seventeen on October 31, 2015. A rugby sports fan had this to say about their victory.

Genome mystery in jellyfish

See through jellyfish?

Sister to that of a normal jellyfish.  Comb jellies are somewhat different in their nervous systems.  In the form of lack of genes.  Over time these genes have gone away one which makes this jellyfish see through.

After 500 million years ago splitting away from animals these type of jellyfish have formed.  Yet they lack many common genes than that of a typical jellyfish.  One of which is not having the gene of ctenophores that cover the organism.  Which gives jellyfish the effect of looking like tiny disco balls.

Leonid Moroz of University of Florida in St. Augustine says this about this newly found type of comb jellyfish, “They are aliens who’ve come to Earth.”  Whether these newly found creatures are aliens are not is up to speculation.  The lack of many common genes in jellyfish tend to have this species of comb jellies up to research.

Source from: Nature magazine  issue May 22, 2014

Couple Shooting

There was a shooting yesterday at 617 Black Street in Sioux City, Iowa.

The shooting happened at five p.m. yesterday.  When Richard Brunson was arguing with his newly wedded wife, Laurette Brunson.  He then shot his wife with a .22- calibre handgun in the abdomen.

The couple have been living together for five months before they were married.  A neighbor called police when the gun shot went off.  Neighbor Walter Corse had this to say, “I heard the sound of the shot or I think did.  It kinda was a pop, pop, pop.  And then the son came out yellin’.  ‘She’s been shot and can’t breathe.'”

Richard was gone by the time helped arrived.  Laurette was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital were she is in satisfactory condition.

Sargent Mann gave us an update on this story.  “Richard Brunson, 50, shot his wife Laurette Kenny Brunson, 38, with a .22- calibre handgun.  The shooting occurred at 5 p.m. it happened after she threw a plate of wedding reception macaroni salad at him.  His whereabouts are still unknown.”

Gary Sinise Speech

By: Taylor DeVary

“Not on my watch”


Actor Gary Sinise famous for his role in Forest Gump as Lieutenant Dan gave a speech over C-Span over his advocacy for U.S. military service members through his foundation.

Sinise was confident and relaxed as he took the podium. This gave the room the room respect as they knew what he was going to talk about would be important for our disabled veterans.

He went onto talking about how he went on tours to provide his time for the people in service after the event of 9/11. He even had to opportunity to witness an Angel flight one morning as he went into great detail about what he had seen. From the soldier men including himself lined up to pay their respects and offer a fairway salute to the fallen solider in the casket.

After this sight he went to talking about how he went around the country fund raising events to help raise awareness of these veterans and family members of the disabled soldiers. It was then Sinise decided to create the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Gary Sinise said, “In just four years with the generosity and support of the American people we have been able to start numerous programs to help make an important difference in the lives of our service men.”


The Gary Sinise Foundation is all about “R.I.S.E.   Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment”


Gary Sinise then continued to go on about the topic of what The Gary Sinise Foundation has done for the last four years and what they plan to do in the future by the end of the year 2015.

This includes building smart homes for those seriously disabled veterans who have come home with troubling wellnesses of everyday life. Along with these smart homes the foundation has built. The foundation has also helped build an honorary museum for soldiers who have served. That will be including galleries about those whom have received the metal of honor. By educating those about this high honor.

Gary then talked about how he encourages people to be supportive and appreciate those who serve and protect this country. He ended his speech with wanting Americans be being proud of this country’s freedom by saying, “Not on my watch.”

Stands because of his daughters

At the annual ESPN awards, Stuart Scott received the Jimmy V Foundation Award.  Stuart was given the award by one of his favorite character from his favorite TV show ’24’.  Stuart has been battling cancer for a great amount of time now.

Stuart stood up on stage with confidence as he accepted the award only a few days after from being released from the hospital.  He had four surgeries in the past seven days while in the hospital.  As Stuart said, “I’m not loosing, I’m still fighting, fighting like hell.”  It was remembering a quote that was said 21 years ago that encouraged him to “never give up”.

As Stuart went up on stage he started to tear up at the thought of winning this award and having so many people care about him, because as he said, “This is not a solo adventure, it’s all about support.”  Yet, what really blew everyone’s mind was the fact that being a father to his daughters is the best thing that could have ever happened to him.  Because of their heart beats for him with their love he stands on stage today.  He even stopped and told his daughter Sydney to come up on stage and give him a much needed hug.  He ended his speech on the note, “Have a great rest of your life.”

Professor loves to Travel Latin America countries

From around the world to a professor at Morningside Dr. Patrick Blaine gets his thrill from his world travel adventures.

On Tuesday the Journalism class had a guest come into the classroom.  His name is Dr. Patrick Blaine he has been a language professor specializing in Spanish at Morningside for the past six years.  With Blaine being an expert in not just two language, but five makes his language skills very well for being bilingual.

This also encourages Patrick to be involved with the study abroad programs at Morningside, which includes being an advisor to the ISA program on campus.

Last year one of the programs he was in charge of was a May term trip to Vietnam.  And this spring he is also in charge of the semester in Italy program.  Patrick does these study abroad programs, because he values international education.

This is, because he loves living abroad and learning new things from different countries.  Especially since when Blaine was in college he took a study abroad trip to live in Spain.  He instantly feel in love with the culture of the Spanish and the Latinos.

It was after college that Blaine decided to move down to Chile for a year to experience more of Latin America.  During this time Blaine also traveled on a two week horseback hike through the mountains to Argentina.  Along with meeting his wife, Monica, whom he has been with for the past fifteen years.  They also are expected a child on the way to be due on February 15th, 2016.  Since being together he has had a craving to travel to Colombia with her to experience the culture of Latin America once again.

Traveling across Latin America’s countries soon and many more times to come.

Fall Party Cakes Review

While opening the package I couldn’t help but smile as I hear the crackle the plastic tear.  This hexagon little sponge cake all covered in chocolate fudge and autumn colored sprinkles.  While taking the first bite a huge amount of chocolate flavor enters your mouth along as the chocolate icing center sweetens the experience.  As chewing it taste like chocolate cake just in mini hand sized form.  And with each bite you can’t help, but feel happy as you eat it as it brings back childhood memories.

Don Juan Interview

Today I sat down with the group ‘Don Juan’ to talk a little bit more about the writing of their songs and their opinions about the group.  John Dodge first started singing with Don Cooper about three years ago when they started the group.  Now today they release the statement, “There will be a product on the streets – on the airwaves, we hope – by the end of the summer.”

Yet, “It took a long time to shuck the robe of responsibility,” Cooper said going into the fact that if music did not work out for him he would become an English teacher.  Cooper went into explaining why being an English teacher was his back up plan.

While soon after the comment was made Dodge had this to say, “Nobody settles for anything less than the best, that is why creative tension builds as the group works on a new songs.”  Traveling around must be the cause of why “The music is more real and makes you feel like you’re livin’ ” as Cooper said.  Because having to deal with the times of stress between performing, traveling, and writing new songs would get tough on a person, but is worth it in the long run.

As Dodge says, “You don’t have to live in the Hollywood Hills.  You don’t have to drive a Mercedes-Benz.  You don’t have to hang out at the Rainbow Club,” to experience this type of lifestyle is what life is all about.

Drake is climbing back to the top

Early this morning I went out to find the new music recommendation to hear.  I stop a couple of boys wearing Morningside College apparel that were coming out of their classes to ask them about this topic.  They were both shocked that I would be asking them about a music recommendation, but understood that it was for a journalism class that I was attending.

One was happy enough to share with me an artist that he recommends everyone should listen from.  Nate Pohl had this to say, “I would have to say Drake, because of the beat of the music and the meaning behind it.”

After this short encounter I would have to say the artist Drake is back on the rise for music listeners everywhere.

Crash on Highway 20

Last Wednesday morning around 11 a.m. there was a two car accident two miles east of Sioux City on Highway 20 which lead to the death of a South Sioux City man.

The driver of one vehicle was Moyer Quick, aged 65, who was killed in the impact.  The other vehicle was a truck driven by Randy Radin, age 17.

Three survivors were ambulanced to Marian Health Center.  One of which is the wife of late Moyer Quick, Dorothy Quick, who has now been released and Maxine Steuerwald, Dorothy Quick’s sister, who is scheduled to be released.  Randy Radin is still listed in “critical” condition and is suffering with a fractured skull and internal injuries.

Both vehicles proceeding west when Quick passed Radin striking Radin’s vehicle in completing the passing.  The impact sent both vehicles into the north side highway ditch.  Quick’s vehicle rolled once while coming to a stop.  An autopsy was released that shows Moyer Quick suffered from a heart attack which may have caused the accident.

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