Shannon Sargent Profile Final Draft (Story #4)

Shannon Sargent is an artist.

Sargent is a Morningside College alum who only got started with creating his own art during his freshman year. He says he got his drive for creating when he painted a couch with professor John Bowitz. One of Sargent’s creations was donated to Morningside and is still on campus: the wooden ‘M’ hanging on the wall outside of Eppley’s Art Gallery.

In regards to what professor Bowitz has to say about Sargent when he was a student here and discovering his artistry: “He was a good student and cool to collaborate with”.

Student Rachel Masias is the only student currently in Sargent’s Sculpture 2 class, and the reason she enjoys being in the class is because “He makes you appreciate art and sculpture more than before and changes your outlook on it”.

Sargent’s inspiration comes from two things: those around him and Jesus Christ. He says that just being able to interact with his previous mentor and other teachers is inspiring, but overall his inspiration is from Jesus.

Sargent says his art is to “try and glorify God and it’s, it’s interesting because that’s why I use a lot of colors and it’s very bright and it’s kid friendly and it’s hopefully happy.” Sargent continues in saying that he wants his works to be intellectually stimulating while at the same time still being fun, exciting, and glorifying to God.

Sargent is creating his next piece to be interactive, for people to want to touch them and be able to move the pieces around the house, take them down, be double sided, and overall just be pleasant to look at while in use. This follows his interactive art piece he installed for the Alumni Art Show that had just taken place this past November.


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