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This week: E-Sports on a local college campus, college students and drinking habits, and student stress.


Story 1:

Local school Morningside College recently added E-Sports to the Athletic Teams Roster.

In the Fall semester of 2016, a group of students interested in the E-sports team helped start it off by spending a day building gaming computers in what is now known as the ‘Nexus’. Fall semester of 2017 kicked off the first year of competition participation.

E-Sports team faculty manager, Dean Stevens, started off the team with two of the most competitive games currently on the market: Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment and League of Legends by Riot Games.

Dean Stevens: “Overwatch is the new kid on the block, and League of Legends kind of started the mainstream competitive gaming industry.”

As more competitive games are released, Stevens hopes to add more to their roster and increase the amount of students who can try-out for a spot on the team and a scholarship.


Story 2:

College students and drinking are a stereotype that go hand in hand, but why?

The University of Minnesota’s Department of Family Social Science created a “Seminar for Parents” about alcohol on campus.

Complete with a graph in the beginning of the article, U of M’s page tells how drinking usually starts in high school, but they really get going after entering college. U of M also tells that while parents don’t know about the drinking habits of their children and the University doesn’t screen for it, every year comes with freshman who have had some kind of drinking problem.

The University of Minnesota also shows reasons why students feel compelled to drink, ranging from just breaking the ice and being social, to having more fun and influencing how people look or food tastes.

Anna Heath, a transfer student to Morningside College, had this to say about such young students drinking after entering college: “Like, I get it. It’s to be social and have fun, but they shouldn’t be drinking so young”.


Story 3:

Student stress is on the rise as teachers expect more from their students each year.

High schoolers think they feel stressed as they start getting ready to take the major tests as they try to get accepted into colleges of their choice. After getting the acceptance letter, it only gets worse.’s Emily Driscoll wrote an article explaining why college is stressful and how students can relieve that stress.

Driscoll says it’s mainly the significant adjustments to the students’ schedules, forcing them to start feeling more self-reliant. Getting the perfect balance between school and personal life takes a lot of time and experimenting before finally getting it right.

In order to relieve the stress, there are various techniques that might work for some but not others. Two of the main techniques are exercising and keeping yourself organized.

Morningside College nurse Carol Garvey had this to say about the stress: “A little bit of stress is a good thing, but when you’re curled up in fetal position, you need to make a change. Exercise is definitely a good way to decrease it”.


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