Mega City Mall Explosion Exercise

This morning at 9:54 a.m., we received news of an explosion occurring at Mega City Mall.

Sgt. Fuglsang, head of MCPD, gave a press conference about the explosion, giving details that it occurred near the food court and investigation is underway.

At this point in time, there has been no discovered cause and Sgt. Fuglsang also says “There has been no claim to the explosion and there is no indication that there will be further incidents.”

The police report released to the public states that the number of injuries is currently less than 100 people, with additional reports coming from St. Mercy and Jean-Luc hospitals about the injuries and conditions of those who were at the mall at the time of the explosion.

An employee at Barnes & Noble’s Starbucks, Dylan, was preparing the store for opening at the time of the explosion. He says he “heard a bang and thought something had fallen until people started screaming.” He received no injuries.

Reiley Mahon, a nurse on a day off, was shopping at Victoria’s Secret at the time of the explosion. After hearing the explosion, she took cover and also used her training to check the condition of the VS saleswoman who was also in the store. The extent of her injuries are cuts, bruises, and a little bit of smoke inhalation, but she plans on going to work and helping the staff with the injured.

Another eyewitness was Elliott, a Junior in High School. He was in the vicinity of the food court at the time of the explosion, but luckily only received some cuts from the shrapnel and some hearing difficulties.

Sgt. Fuglsang told the Press there will be another press conference today at 3 p.m. with additional information on the explosion.


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    The lead needs work, and I’m not sure who “we” is. An old convention that is rarely used. If you’re going to lead with the time, mention that the mall was still closed. That makes the time somewhat relevant.

    Deaths and injuries higher; probably the lead.

    Organization is close to the inverted pyramid style.

    fuglsang - December 18th, 2017 at 11:18 am

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