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October 10th, 2017 | Uncategorized |

FBI Stings the Blue Bloods

Louisville.  Arizona.  Miami.  Oklahoma State.  Auburn.  South Carolina.  These were the schools on the FBI’s list of schools that were involved in a deep winding scandal that will have dire consequences according to USA Today.  This scandal is still fairly confusing to the public, and that is understandable, because there are many variables involved.

SB Nation, one of the sports world’s most popular blogs, did their best to simplify the situation for those trying to understand it.  There is no real place to start, but the biggest group would be the shoe companies involved.  The school would receive sponsorship from a shoe company, who would also would give the schools recruits cash, as long as the assistant coaches would point their players toward agents that will in turn point these athletes to the original shoe brand that is involved when they go pro.

USA today also states how this could greatly effect the future of college basketball.  USA Today sportswriter Dan Woken states how this will open further investigations into college basketball, especially the blue bloods.

Sonny Vaccaro, a long time marketing rep for Nike, doesn’t believe that this scandal is any different from any previous college basketball scandals.

In an interview for USA Today’s Lindsay Schnell, Vaccoro stated, “The NCAA is no virgin here, They’ve had scandals forever.”

So what do the college basketball fan’s think of this?

“I would think college basketball coaches would hold themselves to a higher standard than this,” Tim Brink, a student athlete at Morningside College said, “The head coaches had to know this had to be going on.”

The fans reaction to this has been very mixed, some are very concerned about the way college basketball is corrupted, other’s agree with Vaccaro, and believe this is just another scandal like before.

“I think it’s popularity will continue,” said Brink, “It’s way too big of a deal to lose popularity over another scandal.”

Brink believes that if anybody is blamed, it shouldn’t be the student athletes.



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