Who do you know from Sioux Center Iowa? Let me introduce you to a direct product of the Northwest Iowa Community.  His name is Nathan Hogeland, and he is a Junior at Morningside College.

Nathan went to Sioux Center high school before pursuing a higher education.  He has a brother and sister, both older than him.  This family also houses two cats by the name of Sadie and Sophie.  According to Hogeland, Sadie is quite a bit larger than Sophie, by about 20 pounds.

Nathan’s father comes from a town in Minnesota known as Egerton.  Because of his father’s roots, Nathan classifies as an All Minnesota sports fan.  He can be seen around the Morningside campus in a Minnesota Golden Gophers hat, not something that is usually seen in the state of Iowa.  Even Nathan’s favorite sports call of all time was the “We will see you tomorrow night” when Kirby Pucket walked off to extend the series for the Minnesota Twins.

The Minnesota sports world isn’t all that Hogeland knows, he himself was active in high school athletics in Sioux Center.  Nathan participated in Football where he was both an offensive and defensive lineman for the Warriors.  Baseball was another sport Nathan participated in, playing second base for his high school career.

When Nathan started his Post High school life, he attended Northwest Community College in Sheldon, Iowa.  After two years, Hogeland would transfer to Morningside College in Sioux city to study Mass Communications.  With his Mass Comm degree, Nathan hopes to start a career in sports broadcasting.  His favorite sports broadcaster is Vin Scully, and Ryan Rusillo is his preferred sports talk show host.  To go along with his liking of Rusillo, ESPN is Hogeland’s preferred sporting news outlet.

Possibly the most shocking thing about Nathan Hogeland is that he does not have a favorite color.  Interesting isn’t it? There is not a single color that appeals to him more than the others.

If there is anything else you would like to know about Nathan, just look for the Golden Gophers cap floating around the Morningside campus.

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