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On the campus of Morningside College, the number of students from other countries is at an all time high. Currently, there are 50 international students enrolled at Morningside from countries as far as Japan, Nigeria, Antigua, and more. But what draws these students to a private school in Iowa? Johnathan Jupiter, a junior from Antigua comments.


The 2016 presidential election is quickly approaching. For many college students, this will be the first election in which they’re old enough to vote for president. However, many college students at Morningside are already planning on not exercising their right to vote in the upcoming election for a number of reasons. Jessica Quail, a sophomore, shares her views.


And finally, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means Black Friday shoppers will be in a frenzy trying to find the best deals. However, researches are predicting that Black Friday sales may be weak this year. Instead of facing the crowds, many shoppers are planning to do their Christmas shopping online. An anonymous shopaholic shares her plans for Black Friday shopping.