Morningside’s Most Interesting Professor

Meet Dr. Patrick Blaine. He’s anything but your average college professor.

He drives to school on a motorcycle, makes his own beer, speaks multiple languages, and travels the world.

Patrick Blaine is a professor for the English and modern languages department at Morningside College. He is extremely involved in activities both in the community and on campus. As a member of the community, he partakes in providing language proficiency testing for the Sioux City Police Department, is President of the Friends of KWIT board, and is on the board for the Siouxland Institute of Film.

As for Morningside activities, he helps to oversee multiple student organizations including Film Club, International Students Association, Spanish Club, and ODK. He is also a part of the study abroad committee.

It is clear that Professor Blaine’s favorite thing to do is travel to new countries. He has spent time in Chile and Spain, and plans to travel to Italy next semester with a group of Morningside students to study abroad.

However, he has not enjoyed quite every place he has traveled to. In particular, he was not a fan of Kelso Washington. He only passed through the town once, but he believes we “should wipe it from the map” because there’s “no water and the people are all ugly.” Nevertheless, he aspires to continue traveling the world.

Although Professor Blaine leads a busy life, he also knows how to relax, something that is important for students to learn how to balance. He’s very involved in the community, but also enjoys binge-watching tv shows for six hours straight. In his words, “I work hard, and I play hard.”