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3 brodcast story project

The Minnesota Timberwolves are on the hunt for the playoffs this year. Last year the team found a way to improve their record from previous years.

The path to the playoffs became a little bumpy further in the season when starting point guard, Ricky Rubio, suffered an ACL tear.

The T-Wolves are going to have a challenging start to the New Year. Rubio is still recovering from his knee injury and star player Kevin Love is out with a broken hand. Love will return in about a month.

Timberwolves fans will have to wait to around December to see Rubio back in action. CBS sports reported Rubio saying, “I’m eager to start running, and I think in December I would be ready to play.”

The Wolves have acquired some impressive new talent this past offseason. Brandon Anderson is a Minnesota native and has been a Wolves fan since birth. Brandon says, “This is our year to get to the playoffs, we got the talent. We just need to stay healthy.”


Hurricane Sandy has caused at least 20 billion dollars of damage. This devastating storm has been recorded the second largest Atlantic Hurricane, with only being surpassed by 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

It has flooded areas in the Caribbean and torn down homes. The death toll has come up to around 150 people. It has affected at least 24 states in the U.S., with more damage going to the New Jersey and New York region.

One Morningside Student said this about the disaster, “I mean there isn’t much I can do. To be honest it hasn’t affected me all that much because I’m from Iowa. I think people should donate to the Red Cross though.”

President Obama has declared states of emergency in New York and New Jersey. This is allowing federal aid to be brought into the damaged areas.

One simple way to help the victims is to just donate a couple bucks to relief programs like Red Cross.


Obama wins another term. The President got the votes from some important states and also won the vote from the minorities by a landslide.

With some states voting democratic for the last 20 plus years, it was hard for candidate Romney to win over the more important voters.

According to CBS News, voters ultimately thought Romney wasn’t a good enough economic fix-it man.

Morningside student Jeff Wagenaar said “I thought Obama’s campaign was much better. He was more consistent with his messages than Romney.”

The help the president provided for the Hurricane Sandy victims also had a big effect on the getting more voters.

Kyle Nikkel voted republican and said this “Not one person is going to change the world, it takes a group effort so I’m not that mad about it.”

Weather or not people are happy, Obama earned this presidency with his consistent campaign, winning minorities votes, and earning enough votes from whites.

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  1. fuglsang says:

    Shane: Wolves: OK on organization, but you could work in a bit slower. “The NBA season is in full swing and…” Be careful when you read quotes. Use your own voice. After Anderson’s quote, take a second or two to summarize what the story was about before moving to the next. Rarely will you end with the quote.

    With the Sandy story, a more satisfying ending would be to include info on how to donate to the Red Cross. Identify your sources every time.

    The election story is an OK summary, but it’s trying to cover a lot. When you end the story with “votes from whites” it’s a little jarring because it wasn’t explained in the story. Bring it down to something more manageable.


    Four live sources/2:15

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