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Newly Married Richard Brunson shot his wife on their wedding day yesterday. Richard and Laurette Brunson were married on their front porch yesterday at 2 p.m. The shooting happened around 5 p.m. According to officials, Richard Brunson fled the scene and is still missing. The incident was started by Mrs. Brunson throwing a plate of macaroni salad at her husband. Sargent Mann has this to say about it.SgtMann voice 3

Thirty relatives and friends attended the wedding. The bride also had three children present during the incident. One witness recalls what he heard from the shooting.  Witness Voice

The couple had been living with each other in the house for around five months before the wedding. Mrs. Brunson recently quit her job and was hoping to open a daycare center. There is no other evidence showing why Richard Brunson shot his wife.

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