Morningside Memory

My goal was to find a Morningside memory. I went to the Olsen Student Center hoping to find many student willing to spill out there memories here. Turns out most of the students were busy in their classrooms so I couldn’t find many kids walking around. My first instinct was to go to the security office because students work for security here on campus.

The student I met was Maggie Vondrak. She was sitting on the office chair doing some homework when I walked in and I asked her if she was busy. She replied with a “no, whats up?”, I then began to tell her I was in a journalism class and was set out to find a Morningside Memory from somebody on campus. She seemed pretty interested. First I wanted to know a little more about her. She told me she was a Junior here on campus and played volleyball. She also said she started working security last April and was working because of the money. I agreed with her reasoning and got to the important question.

What is a Morningside memory that you have? She told me “That is a tough question but lets say last years homecoming game because it was a great atmosphere and i enjoyed the game and went out with my friends.” I thought this was a typical memory a student would have here.

Maggie had one class today and it was Stats. She said “I only have one class but I don’t like it.” She then would have to go to Volleyball practice and fulfill her student athlete life here at Morningside.




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  1. fuglsang says:

    OK, Shane. Sounds like you had a nice conversation. What does Maggie Look like?

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