Hard-hitting new Madden is the best in years


  This article is basically summarizing what gaming critics are saying about the new madden game. Pretty much all of them gave it great scores besides one who gave it a 7.5 out of 10. It has a whole new system of gameplay that has changed the games whole look. I have this game and have seen the gameplay and I am very impressed.

I think that this is good enough to be “news” because the Madden franchise is so huge in the gaming world and just all over. Its not only gamers that know about this game either. So many kids play this game which makes their parents know about it.

I can also see why it wouldn’t be news worthy because it doesn’t really make any big effect in the world because its just a video game. There are probably other more important things that could be happening but if you are interested in technology and video games then this would be pretty big news.

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  1. fuglsang says:

    Nicely done, Shane. A story doesn’t have to be earth shaking to be important. Video games aren’t cheap, and reviews are a way of letting people know if they should spend the money or not.
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