Explosion at the MCM

An explosion has been reported at 9:53am in the MCM Mall. The explosion came from within the food court but the actual location has not yet been identified.

Officials are currently unable to identify the source and are unaware of the individuals who have been effected by the blasts. Their thoughts are with the families who have been effected by the blast.

Police are still trying to the clear the area of debris so they can make their way into the building safely and ensure no other casualties occur during this time.

During a press conference with Captain Fuglsang , it was made clear that the investigation is currently being taken as a ‘accident,’ unless future evidence is provided to change this opinion. The police force are currently reviewing video evidence to potentially identify what may have caused this explosion to prevent such events in the future.

The injured individuals have been spread out across the city to various hospitals to ensure they receive excellent care and make a fast recovery. There are reports of a missing child who was separated from her father prior to the explosion who is yet to be identified.

A thorough investigation needs to take place in order to check the previous safety standards and the direct cause to this investigation. There is currently no accusation placed on any individual or company at this time.