News Story 12

South Western Rail employees announce strike plans for 27 days during the month of December around the London area.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport union claims that the workers of SWR are simply left with “no choice” but to take action against the industry.

SWR spoke out and said they were “extremely disappointed” by the plans of the union and their workers.

These plans will dramatically effect peoples plans for both work and the Christmas break. Individuals will have to find alternative methods of transport to get to the city capital if the strike was to go ahead.

Targeting the Christmas period shows the “lack of concern” that the RMT continue to have for South Western’s customers. Many may have to change their holiday plans incase these plans go ahead.


  1. crstaff says

    I’m guessing this will cause some problems, since Euopean countries depend more on public transportation than we do here. What do you mean by “plans”?

    How will these strikes affect businesses?