Story #3 Draft

Story 1: The science story

Story 2: NCAA allowing students to receive money (

Story 3: UK General Election:  (


Story 1:

A seal sustained multiple injuries from plastic waste in the ocean.

Flowerpot was discovered and rescued on a Norfolk beach with its head stuck in a piece of plastic waste left in the ocean.

This was the 51st animal which has been recovered by the RSPCA and taken in for treatment. The charity has said the injuries sustained from this plastic will take months to heal and have caused a considerable amount of pain to the seal (named Flowerpot).

With the use of bone pliers, the RSPCA were successfully able to cut the plastic away from the seals neck and allow freedom. Flowerpot will have to have daily salt baths in order to help heal the deep wound which surrounds the neck area. Flowerpot will also be on antibiotics to ensure a sustainable recovery.

Flowerpot would’ve been “restricted” in the wild which would’ve made the seal very easy prey to predators.

Story 2:

The NCAA has stated they intend to allow their athletes to receive compensation with the use of their name or image.

The board of governors made a decision to vote on the controversial topic. In this vote they were deciphering whether the student athletes should benefit from their name, image and likeliness. 

Michael Drake claimed that the board want to provide “the best possible experience” for these college students and insisted there would be “additional flexibility” within the NCAA.

However, it has not yet been made clear when these new changes will come into full effect. 

Story 3: 

Boris Johnson has called for another General Election to take place on December 12th, 2019

The decision was made in attempt to hopefully end the constant stalemate which continues to grow as the weeks continue.

Parties will compete for 650 seats across the country. 326 will bring a majority to any party. 

It is understood that Johnson has called for an election in order to achieve greater voting power in the House of Commons. Johnson’s Conservative party does not currently hold a majority, but the prime minster hopes this snap election will bring one. 

A majority would mean Johnson could begin to pass legislation on Brexit with far greater ease as his party would hold that crucial majority in the commons.