News Comment 11 – Snap Election

Boris Johnson calls for general election to take place on December 12th.

After another delay in the events leading to Brexit, the prime minster has announced it time to vote for who holds power in the United Kingdom. The Conservatives to be led by Boris Johnson (the standing prime minister) and the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn.

In order for any party to gain a majority, they need to achieve over 326 seats which is over half. There are 650 seats available to MP’s and once any party gains over 326, they hold a majority in parliament (making it easier to pass legislation).

Anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to take part in the vote, and voting will take place between 7:00 and 22:00.

If a party doesn’t win outright, a coalition between two parties must be formed in order to fill the 326 seats forming a majority.

A coalition often results in great controversy as two parties rarely share the same political views which means passing law in parliament is often a hazard.


  1. fuglsang says

    There’s no comment in your comment, Sam. There’s a ton of stuff included in this guide. Do voters need it? How useful will it be? Is this a regular feature, or is this vote so important themedia are pulling out the big guns?