Interview with Coach Sapp

I spoke with Coach Sapp and asked him a few questions about Morningside’s national championship effort and how he sees the future for the golf team. 

The team played in the afternoon on the first day and then played in the morning on the second day. The national championship was played in Mesa, Arizona. Freak winds were experienced throughout the week but were heightened during the time Morningside was on the course. 

Sapp spoke about the tough conditions that the men had to face on the first and second day. “Man, the wind was really blowing in the afternoon on that first day,” described how the team had to fight against the elements to post a respectable score. 

The second day was just as hard, Sapp mentioned that the guys are “truly up against it,” as they proceeded to try and grind out a second-day score. The wind was blowing around 25 mph with gusts of up to 40 mph. The wind was up all morning and then fell flat in the afternoon resulting as a massive advantage for those competing later in the day. 

Coach Sapp believes the men stand in a very strong place this year and hopes that they have a “greater impact” at Nationals this year. It is apparent Sapp is very confident in the men’s abilities and believes they can compete for a national championship title.


  1. fuglsang says

    This works for the assignment, Sam.

    One thing to consider about interviews is that you don’t need to call attention to the situation. Readers/listeners know how interviews work. So use the lead to summarize the content of the interview:

    Tough weather conditions at last week’s tournament in Mesa, Arizona, challenged Morningside’s golfers, but coach Horatio T. Sapp believes his team is beginning to come together in the new season.

    Since this is a story/interview focused on the future, more about the team’s future could balance the Arizona discussion.