Typhoon causes Rugby World Cup games to be cancelled

The England vs France game has been called off due to Typhoon Hagibis and the possible threats that can come from it.

The decision has “not been taken lightly,” explained Alan Gilpin due to the fact these games cannot be rearranged or played at all. This is because of the strict timing schedules established by the governing bodies of the World Cup.

Italy were supposed to play against New Zealand, but this game was also canceled due to the weather warnings. This has removed the “outside” chance that Italy could qualify for the further stages. This means they have to travel home without the opportunity of even playing for their chance which defeats the purpose of playing.

A cancellation of a game is seen to be a draw which means that both teams competing are presented with 2 points each. This also messes with the seeding system the World Cup would typically lose. This may find the two strongest teams competing in the early stage of the knockouts which isn’t typical.

The spokesman for the decision made it perfectly clear that the safety of the people must come first in these scenarios.

As a rule, a decision must be made 6 hours before kick off in order to proceed or cancel the game planned ahead. This doesn’t leave either team much time to prepare for a sudden result.

It is also understood that fans who had tickets to the game will receive a “full refund,” which is greatly important.


  1. fuglsang says

    I’m reading this as the extra credit news comment for this week (10.17). I’m not sure what all is going on here (include a link to the story), but this seems like important info for rugby fans. However, six hours warning doesn’t give me much time if I need to change travel plans.