1. The part I felt like I put the most effort into was the research part of the paper where I had to find out what I wanted to discuss. Then once deciding, I spent a lot of time trying to find relevant articles which would add to the story I was trying to present. I tried to select a story which carries controversy and has a clear two-sided argument towards it. The topic of Brexit is also hard to research and find clear definitive facts so that also presented itself as a challenge. Therefore, this definitely took the most effort as I wanted to find valuable sources which didn’t contain a great deal of bias on either side of the argument. However, I could’ve found 2 biased arguments and bounced them off each other if this wasn’t the case. 
  1. The most difficult part of this paper was trying to write it as a “story” rather than an argument as such… I found like I was trying to argue for or against something throughout the paper which wouldn’t be as productive as writing this piece as story like instructed to do so. Brexit is a story which carries a large amount of controversy behind it so it’s very easy to slip into an argumentative stand-point and this wasn’t the point of the paper.
  1. The biggest problem with this paper is the same as the most difficult part. Trying not to write an argumentative piece of writing. I tried to just write a story about the current Brexit standpoint and basically report what was happening rather than my opinion on what was happening (even though I’m strongly opinionated on the topic of discussion). To combat this, I just emphasized the key parts of the story to ensure the opinion factor was left out.