Girls to argue for a pay rise in schools

A top female CEO claims that females “lack the confidence” to approach individuals for a pay rise and that this should be something that is taught in school to encourage the fight against the pay gap.

Cheryl Giovannoni argues that females in school should be taught to develop greater confidence and “accept northing less than salary equality”. Cheryl, who is paid over £270,000 a year for her role as the chief executive of the Girls’ Day School Trust, argues thar women need to become more financially indepedent to develop greater skills. This would combat the growing wage gap that the media continues to hihglight.

The main point of Giovannoi’s argument is that if women were to become more confident in their ability to ask for a raise or question the amount that they get paid, then there’s a great chance that the overall gap between men and women will begin to close. However, if there’s no education in this department then things will continue to get gradually worse overtime.

““Within the first 10 years, they are lagging significantly behind the pay of men for the same work,” which clearly supports the claim that women are being paid less. Therefore, if there were to be greater access to education, women would have a far greater chance at receiving the same pay as men.


  1. fuglsang says

    Include a link, Sam.

    Based on your description I’m having hard time taking Giovannoni seriously. (Yu spell his name two different ways, BTW).

    Is this a newsworthy story in England?