Article #2 : News Story

Feeling safe in your living environment is a top priority for many people, especially when moving to a completely new place. This is why campus safety is so important on college campuses.

For many students, feeling safe on a campus is a deal-breaking aspect. 

On Morningside’s campus, campus security drives ATVs to patrol and make sure students are safe. Morningside students can call campus security at any time to get a ride back to their dorms or a ride between buildings. 

According to Claire Sells, a sophomore at Morningside University, she feels safe on Morningside’s campus because “campus security is always there to make sure she makes it back to her room safely.” She also stated that she feels campus safety is at its peak of importance due to all the stories and allegations immersing surrounding college campus in Iowa and surrounding states.

Another female student, Nyah Eldridge had a completely different view on her safety. Nyah is also a sophomore on Morningside’s campus but she claims she doesn’t feel entirely safe because “most of the time, campus safety doesn’t hear about scary things happening until after they happen.” Another complaint Nyah had is the amount of time it takes for campus security to arrive when students call. There are sometimes when it takes them a longer amount of time and the longer the wait, the more danger that student is in. 

Female students are not the only ones that have feelings of danger.

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Although there are some student complaints, Morningside’s campus security still does their best to make sure all students are safe. 

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News Comment #6

Pfizer is asking U.S. health officials to allow the Covid-10 vaccine for 5 to 11 year old children.

The company submitted the application on Thursday. They are hoping that the FDA approves the shot for children before November so that locations could start giving doses before Halloween.

If approved, children would get two injections of the vaccine, just like adults, but with a lower dosage.

The filing was submitted after the vaccine appeared to be generating an immune response in younger subjects in a safe manner in a trial.

I do not think that this article has any bias or opinion. I think it was a strictly factual article and gave very detailed information to understand the subject better. I am tired of hearing about all things COVID but I thought this article was a little bit different and I didn’t completely hate it.

Gonsler Interview

Morningside University Professor John Gonsler shares how his life went from dealing with convicted felons to teaching college students.

John Gonsler has been a criminal justice professor at Morningside University for two years. Being a college professor was not Gonsler’s first career path and hadn’t thought about it until after he started applying to master’s programs. “It was like my fifth back up profession,” Gonsler admitted.

Before becoming a professor, Gonsler had experience working as both a police officer and a correctional officer.

He worked as a law enforcement officer for two years in Genesee County, Flint, Michigan. After working under a sheriff who was “dirtier than a pig’s dick”, Gonsler decided that being a cop wasn’t for him.

Although working as a correctional officer was also not what Gonsler wanted to spend his life doing, he had some interesting stories to share from his six months working at a medium-security prison in Indiana.

His stories ranged from a man putting dead birds in the communal hot pot to “give them a bath” to an inmate making a shiv with Gonsler’s name carved into the handle. When asked if this scared him, he responded with, “I’m from Flint, people have threatened to give me before” and “I was quite flattered.”

Life as a correctional officer wasn’t the only time he experienced interesting things with criminals. When Gonsler was getting his Master’s Degree, he was writing his thesis about serial killers. For this, he wrote letters to 25 serial killers for research and there was only one that wrote him back.

This serial killer was Ted Kaczynski, the unibomber. Gonsler and Kaczynski were pen-pals for eight months and Gonsler received five hand written letters. When talking about the letters, Gonsler commented, “He has the neatest handwriting I have ever seen in my life.”

Professor Gonsler shared many life experiences and he uses these in his teaching style as well. Gonsler hopes that students find what they really want to do and what they really don’t want to do based on what he teaches them in his classes. He wants to “teach them about themselves and not just the profession.”

Last Conversation

The last conversation I had was on my walk from the Lincoln Center to the library. I was walking out of class at the same time as another person in my class and we started talking about the class discussion we just had. I don’t know this person personally but we have chatted leaving our 8 a.m. before. We talked about how our class discussions can sometimes get side-tracked. I don’t particularly remember what he was wearing. Our conversation ended because he was going to Roadman and I was walking to the library.

News Comment #5

Disney and Scarlett Johansson, actress who plays Black Widow, resolved their legal issue. This issue was about her salary in the movie “Black Widow”. This battle has been ongoing for two months. Johansson sued Disney, claiming her contract was breached because Disney released the movie on Disney+ the same time it had its theatrical debut.

Disney countered that it was in its rights to release the movie on Disney+ at the same time it was releasing to theaters.

I think this article was very interesting because I love both Disney and Scarlett Johansson. I had no idea that this was going on. I thought the article was well-written and organized in the correct order. I don’t think there was any bias at all.

One Good Conversation with Rory

COVID-19 has affected colleges and universities across the country and I had the opportunity to talk to Rory Bredlow about his personal experience. Rory is a student at Morningside University and he is majoring in Mass Communications. Rory, being a sophomore this year, hasn’t really had a “normal” college year. His biggest fears were things being cancelled and having to quarantine. Rory had to quarantine once last year and he specifically said, “it really sucked.” Rory is a part of the band so having football games and marching band events cancelled affected him directly.

Besides activities on campus, other areas of Rory’s college life were affected. Rory is a hands-on student and being online made it really hard for him. “It was really hard for me to focus a lot especially because I have adhd,” Rory commented on the situation. He struggled doing online assignments online and zoom was not ideal for his educational experience.

News Comment #4

Human footprints were discovered across White Sands National Park in New Mexico. Scientists are estimating that they date back to about 23,000 years, around the time of the Ice Age.

This brings the conversation of how humans first spread across the Americas into question.

Before this discovery, scientists thought that humans spread across the Americas at the end of the last ice age. The reason for this was because discoveries of the oldest known tools dates back about 13,000 years and this lined up with the retreat of the glaciers.

Newer discoveries over the past couples years have dated human spread back further and further.

This discovery is the first of its kind in the fact that didn’t discover tools, but actually human footprints.

I think that this article is very well written and entertaining. I am not usually into this kind of topic but I was very interested in the article. In terms of the quotes that they used, I do think that the quotes were very useful for the topic itself. I think that they added something to the article and weren’t just random quotes.

Scavenger Hunt

After receiving the scavenger hunt assignment, I started walking towards the Lincoln Center. I have a lot of classes in the business building and I always see people sitting in the little lounge by the entrance.

In the lounge, I saw Hailey Rice. Hailey is a business student and she was sitting in there working on some homework. One of my objects to collect was a restaurant recommendation. I asked Hailey for a recommendation and she told me Bob Roe’s. When asked why she chose that specific restaruant, she said, “They have some bomb sandwiches.” Hailey laughed and looked slightly confused when I first walked up to her and asked her for this random question. She was very nice and told me that if I needed anything else that I could come back and chat.

After leaving the Lincoln Center, I walked to Lewis Hall. I wanted to go to the Admissions Office because there are always so many faculty and students in there. My second object to collect was a cell phone photo of two strangers. When I walked in, I immediately recognized one of the Admissions counselors, Ben Kenobbie. Although Ben is not a stranger to me, luckily he was talking to three students. I knew one of the students, Jocelyn because she is a part of the dance team. The other two students sitting with them were Sarah and Braxton. When I asked if I could take the picture of them, they all looked a little confused but Sarah immediately said, “I’ll be in the picture.”

Photo of Two Strangers

News Comment #3

Apple issued an emergency software update when they found out that an Israeli NSO Group was using a “zero click” hack on Apple products. This NSO Group was mainly hacking the messaging software that Apple uses and gaining access to things like the camera, microphone, messages, and phone calls. The spyware used is called Pegasus and it doesn’t need for the user to click on anything to gain access to their phone.

More than 1.65 billion Apple products were subject to this security vulnerability. This spyware has been used multiple times in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Mexico.

I thought this article was well written and very explanatory without being boring. Technology like this somewhat bores me but I was very interested because I own Apple products myself. The author was good about keeping the most important facts at the top of the article and putting more detailed information at the bottom. They had a really great lead, which obviously got me to read it.

Lead Exercise #2

Local business owner robbed at gunpoint last night.

Barney Joseph, owner of BJ’s Drug, was robbed at gunpoint by two men at around 8:30 p.m. No one was injured in the robbery but cash was stolen from the register. The robbery was over in less than a minute.

Joseph keeps a pistol under the counter but claims he did not want to use it.

His decision was based on prior experience. Joseph’s father was killed in a previous robbery at BJ’s Drug. “Yes, Dad resisted, I guess. Anyway, they found him shot to death, his own gun in his hand, and a bullet in the store’s ceiling. I’d rather part with my money than my life,” Joseph said.