Media Comparison

There were many differences between the video story and the print story on the CNN website regarding the shooting and high speed chase at the Capitol last week. The stories were both posted on the same day but contained many differences.

The biggest different between the two stories was the focus. The video story was focused on the events that occurred and the questions surrounding the incident and the woman driving the car. The print story focused on the woman and her history of mental health issues. These are to very different main points. While the video leaves the viewer still unsure of what exactly happened and why, the print story leaves the reader with questions regarding the woman’s intentions.

The leads of the stories were also somewhat different. The video lead gives us the main information, like who, what, when, and where. However, the lead also brings up the Navy yard shooting that occurred two weeks ago and tries to draw a connection. However, this connection is never made throughout the remainder of the story. The lead also leaves the question of why for the audience to try and piece together. The lead of the article was almost the same, minus the part about the Navy yard shooting. It just give us the name of the women and the fact that police are still trying to piece together what happened.

Both stories try to make strange connections. The video tries to tie the incident to the Navy yard shooting, with no real evidence that the two incidents are connected. The print story ties in the woman’s boyfriend and her past mental health, before giving the reader all of the information regarding the incident.

Quotes are used in the print story from the boyfriend and sister of the woman who caused the incident. The article seems to be trying to make the case that the woman was mentally unstable and planned to do this. Quotes are used in the video from the U.S. Secret Service Spokesperson and eyewitnesses. This story seems to be trying to convey the confusion regarding the incident. It provides the audience with more information than the print story.

The two stories combined together almost seem to make a more through story. The the incident is explained and the background history of the woman involved is provided. This all together gives a somewhat clearer picture of what happened.

Video story:

Print story: