Lead Exercise 4

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Reid Rosen

Com 208

Lead Exercise 4


An armed robbery took place last night on 450 Stanley Street at BJ’s Drug. Two men entered the store with ski masks. The robbery which took place at about 8: 30 P.M lasted less than a minute. Store owner Barney Joseph Jr. was held at gun point by one man as the other man took the $382.65 from the cash machine.

Joseph the shop owner kept a gun under the counter but because of the pace of the robbery did not use it. He told police that he could reach the gun but felt that is was too dangerous. Joseph describes his decision by saying “I’d rather part with my money than my life.”

Joseph’s father, who also ran the BJ’s drug before, was shot and killed in a robbery. The robbery took place 25 years ago. Joseph recounts the story “Yes, Dad resisted, I guess. Anyway, they found him shot to death, his own gun in his hand, and a bullet in the store’s ceiling.”

Suffolk Downs

Suspicious fire kills 15 horses at Suffolk Downs Race Track. At four o’clock this morning a fire started at the barn where 25 horses were stabled. Ten of the 15 horses managed to escape the fire. Two of the horses managed to escape by stampeding through the barnyard with their backs on fire.

Only several rows of charred wooden supports remain.  Albert Ramos commented on the situation while watching the clean crew “That’s my best Friends.” He said, pointing to the surviving horses. “I love horses more than I do people. I feel like I want to cry.”

The fire started in the middle of the barn leading many to believe the fire’s cause to be arson. Dan Bucci assistant general manager commented on the situation by saying “It could have been of an incendiary nature because it started in the middle of the barn, not at the end. Only heaters and electrical outlets were in the tack rooms at the ends of the barns.”

Jim Connery the fire chief supported this suspension by saying “Flames were shooting out of the building when we got here. The fire is definitely suspicious.”

Lead Excercise 2

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Reid Rosen

COM 208

Lead Exercise 2

1.            Local Firefighter falls from tree trying to save cat.  The 15 ft. fall broke the left leg of firefighter Bob Harward who responded to the call.  The cat was stuck in a tree on 102 11th Ave. the owners Suzanne and Samantha Decker made the call hopping that the cat would be rescued and brought back home to their twin girls.

Bob who is now at St.Lukes is doing fine. How is the family cat doing? The cat after the fall landed on top of Bob and is also doing fine after the fall.

2.            Incidents of unrest taking place through the week at East High School. East High School has seen the suspension of ten upperclassmen that were caught smoking marijuana in the school parking lot. Following the incident there has been three false fire alarms Wednesday and a food fight Tuesday.

East High Principle Laura Vibelius commented to the incidents by saying “Not so much unrest because of the suspensions, but because of summer vacation being so near.” She sees no continuation of these incidents in the future.

3.            Four Correctionville families evacuated due to overturned gasoline truck. The overturned gas truck spilled on 48th Street and Correctionville Road. The gas spilled over into the sewer lines, the streets and ditches for two blocks.

The incident forced cars to be rerouted. After two hours of catastrophe and hazmat procedures the gas had flushed away.

Fire Chief Charles Hochandel commented on the situation by saying “The Fireman followed catastrophe and hazmat procedures set up for just such a occurrence.”