Scavenger Hunt

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Comm 208: Scavenger Hunt


I left the classroom very confident thinking that the first person I would meet would have a 50-state quarter. I followed the group of people over to Lewis Hall, feeling confident in my big group of people. As we came through the Lewis front doors everyone began to break off every which way looking for their assorted objects. I knew so many people in Lewis Hall but at that moment I couldn’t think of anyone to ask, so I went to the only group of people I saw; a group of three girls sitting at the front desk.  The girl actually working at the front desk was named Sam; she was a pretty girl with brunette hair. When I asked her, she rummaged through her purse, while her two friends looked on. I tried to explain my situation but she only laughed and said it was ok. Her search for the quarter was however unsuccessful. So I said I would go to the money bags down the hall and ask for a quarter and got a little laugh from her and her friends; no luck on my first try.

I left Lewis hall with less confidence than before and just started walking. I saw a group of three people sitting beside the M. I approached the group and explained my situation. The first person was a big guy, wore cowboy boots and I had seen him working at Dairy Queen before. The other two people were blond girls, and Kendall (The big guy) must have been hitting on them before I interrupted. All three looked for the 50-state quarter. But, again no luck with the search; no luck on my second try.

I decided I would go where the money is. I went to the café. The lady working the register was older must have been late 60’s she had gray hair and wore glasses that had thick frames and even thicker lenses. Her name was Mary and after asking my question she still seemed confused. I explained my situation more clearly and she got the keys out and opened the register. The first quarter she grabbed was a New Hampshire state quarter. I asked her what she thought was when I asked her about the quarter. She said “I gave it to you when you asked, it was simple.” The third time was the charm and was much easier than any of my previous attempts.

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    Pretty is in the eye of the beholder, Reid. Show me pretty. Show me big.

    Harder than I thought, but that’s OK.