Where is the Food for Pakistan?

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NPR posted an article Yesterday on why less food has been given to support the floods in Pakistan. The article states that only 25 million in donations have been given since August 30. Compared to Haiti, which in the first 5 weeks received over 900 million in aid. Whats the reason for the drastic difference. The article describes major differences in both incidences. The fist being that Earthquakes generate 10 to 15 times as much aid on average do to the immediate damage. Often being faster and having a higher death rate than floods. The article says that most people judge the damage by a natural disaster by its death count. I found this comment to be extremely true, we tend to not be able to grasp the idea that the Pakistan flood may be worse do to the displacement and damage. The article goes on to say that another cause is due to the lack of media coverage of the Pakistan flood. Its estimated that 40% of American homes gave aid to Haiti. I believe both statements by the article but it still does not completely answer, why isn’t the Pakistan floods being covered? The proverbial elephant argument that many people try to not associate with is that, we as Americans associate Pakistan with Terrorism. The article does interview Una Osili who does think that US perception of Pakistan has played a large role.

In general I think all of these are factors. Its a shame that as Americans we can’t crack open our piggy banks to give a little more to give. How can I critique th0ugh, have I given? No, and to be honest I haven’t even thought about it. Compared to Haiti Americans have not shown as much interest to this natural disaster, and maybe its the mind set we have enough problems. Whatever the case, Pakistan is facing an extreme natural disaster.


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  1. fuglsang says:

    Good story, Reid. Experiment with making the address a clickable link.

    I’ve seen a number of similar stories — “Why are we ignoring Pakistan” — but like you I have not sent money to Pakistan or Haiti. But bad things happen all the time. Maybe it’s disaster fatigue.

    There has been some criticism of the media for these guilt trips. Before mass media, we wouldn’t have known about all these disasters. Now we are overwhelmed by info about so many places that we cannot hope to help everyone. Are we supposed to feel guilty? Powerless?