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I am a Business Major and Clearly the Business world and the Media have a close connection. This is my logic behind taking the fundamentals of Journalism. This however, may be an out of the comfort zone experience. To keep track of the news I will try using NPR and listening to programs like All Things Considered.

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A Relevant Thing From Reid

Comm 208

US Stimulus Plan Criticised Internationally

Reid Rosen 11/5/2010 Friday Posts A BBC article reports that China, Germany and South America disagree with the US’s 600 billion... 

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Explosion at Sioux City Mall

Two are dead and many injured in an Explosion at the Sourthern Hills Mall. In the main court at 1:59 pm today a mysterious blast rocked... 

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China Takes the SuperComputer

Reid Rosen Friday Posts 10/28/2010 In a BBC report China has taken the top spot with the new super computer Tianhe- 1A. The computer... 

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No more Japanese

Reid Rosen Friday Posts 10/22/2010 An NPR article from this week addresses several Japanese companies decisions to move into speaking... 

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