Sep 20 2018

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The first name Reilly is in a drink¬†and business. If you hear the O’Reilly’s Auto Parts song in a commercial and sing it to me, I not bothered by it anymore. The drink O’Reilly’s Irish Cream is a liquor. I wished that my name is after the beverage that would’ve been cool. But my mom liked the name because it was very Irish and a cute name for a girl. Someone pronounced as Ree-lee also like really.

The last name Mahon is a very Irish last name. My mom’s last name is Persinger, which is also a very Irish last name. My last name spelled backward is no-ham. That’s pretty cool because I can say that I have bacon but no-ham. Ha Ha Ha! I have people pronounced my last name as May Hon, Ma Han, Ma Hon.



Write as a sarcastic politician:

Good morning, my name is Reilly Mahon. My first name is most recognizable¬†with the O’Reilly’s Auto Parts. Please don’t sing the song; I’ve heard it too many time in my life. It is also familiar with the liquor, O’Reilly’s Irish Cream. Pronounce my first name as Ry-lee, not Ree-lee. My first and last name have a very Irish background. If you try to spell my last name backward, it will be no-ham. Please, no food jokes about having bacon but no-ham. Pronounce the name as May-Han, not May Hon, Ma Han, or Ma Hon.

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