Sep 11 2018

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A Never-Ending Shift at Work

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On Sunday, Lindsey was working at Lowe’s in Sioux City as a cashier and had to close that night. A co-worker told her while she was closing that there is a store meeting that she had to go. If she didn’t go, then she would be in trouble.

She said, “I’ll guess I go then.”

She walks into the back of the large Lowe’s building in the patio area. She sits down in a hard, plastic, dusty chair at the end of the patio section.

A new guy that starting at Lowe’s was sitting behind her kicking her chair throughout the entire meeting. Lindsey finally grabbed his leg and took off his shoe. She threw his shoe back at him.

The store manager, Tom, walks into the meeting in his dad-clothes with his white dad-tennis shoes. He gets up to the microphone, and it is too soft for anyone, especially anyone in the back to hear.

No one is paying any attention to what Tom has to say at the meeting. He hands out awards to all of the assistant managers at Lowe’s. While he’s handing out the awards, he mispronounced all of the names of the assistant managers.

At the end of the store meeting, Tom opens up to a Q & A session. Someone asked a question of why are hours being cut down. He gets very defensive about the hours cut for some people.

A coworker wanted to ask Tom if he’s sleeping with one of the cashiers but didn’t ask the question afraid of losing the job. Finally, the store-meeting was over.

After the meeting ends, everyone took the free candy available at the meeting and leaves the store. Lindsey and some of her co-workers stood in the parking lot and talked. They talked about how the one-hour session was worthless and talking shit about Tom, the store manager, who takes himself way too seriously.


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  1. fuglsangon 18 Sep 2018 at 4:29 AM 1

    Again, lots of good detail, Mari. The dusty chair. I’m a little concerned that Lindsey through a shoe at some dude. How did he react? Why was he kicking her chair? Was it Halloween candy? Generic candy corn?

  2. fuglsangon 18 Sep 2018 at 4:31 AM 2

    Ooops. Sorry, Reilly.