Sep 06 2018

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Rewrite Mole Day story lede

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Original lede: “On Oct. 23, chemists around the world come together to celebrate a sacred holiday amongst their profession: Mole Day. On that same day, millions of non-chemists look in confusion as chemists wish them a happy Mole Day.”

Revision #1: For chemists, Oct. 23 is a day that celebrates a sacred holiday, called Mole Day. For non-chemists, Oct. 23 it is just another day in the month.

Revision #2: Mole Day is a holiday that is not well-known to many people, but for chemists, it is an essential holiday to be celebrated.

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  1. fuglsangon 10 Sep 2018 at 3:16 PM 1

    You could play up the “sacredness” in the first lead. Just for fun. And maybe play up the contrast. Second one: two sentences.

    Take your time. What if you kind of combined the two? A short graf of what the the world is doing Oct. 23. Then a longer paragraph of the fun and excitement. People celebrating. In a lab. Blowing out candles on the Mole Day cake.