Aug 29 2018

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Story Ideas for Health and Entitlement

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Health: Detection of breast cancer genetics in younger women

What can women do when they’re younger to detect if they have any breast cancer genetics?

When they found out if they do have the genetics, what changes do they need to make to give themselves better chances of not having breast cancer?

Sources: online medical websites dedicated to women’s health and breast cancer

Quotes: young women who may or may not have the genetics, women that didn’t know about the genetics, campus nurse, doctors that studied breast cancer


Entitlement: Ways of seeing someone who’s entitled

How to detect if someone believes that they are entitled to anything and everything?

In what ways can anyone see an entitled person around them in public, friends, or family members?

Sources: online websites that have articles about entitlement and the mental history behind entitlement qualities

Quotes: People who have seen entitled people, people who have dealt personally with entitled people, and entitled people themselves

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  1. fuglsangon 03 Sep 2018 at 12:24 PM 1

    These are both difficult, Reilly. For the second you need to be more specific. You could do “American entitlement” and get perspectives from our international students/faculty. As far as delaing with entitled people, I imagine waiters/waitresses, salespeople, etc. would have something to say.

    The second question under Health has possibilities. What should college-age women be aware of, and what should they be doing, to protect their health?