Aug 28 2018

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What is a story? Why do we need them?

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A story is a piece in a newspaper, newscast, or news updates that can capture the attention of readers when they are the least expecting it or the most when it is essential to know what’s going on. A story is something that doesn’t come to someone in a second but tells the reader that there is something to learn, something to gain from reading it. For writers, it takes revisions after revisions to have the right version of the story before it ever gets published. The time frame of a story can be short or long depending on what the writer wants to get out of the story.

We need stories to take our minds off of what the world is around for some time. The stress and the worries of life are gone when reading them. Stories can help the readers anywhere in the world by just the use of words. Stories can either relax or gain knowledge for readers. They bring a sense of why the topic or character is important enough to be read. Stories fill in the gaps of what’s happening in the world and the media; they will always intrigue viewers and readers.


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  1. fuglsangon 03 Sep 2018 at 12:27 PM 1

    The first sentence probably applies best for feature writing. A good feature story gives the audience something they didn’t know they wanted.