Dec 07 2017

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Mega City Mall Story

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There was an explosion early this morning at the Mega City Mall. The center of the explosion was located near the food court and near Dairy Queen.

About 100 people are injured in the explosion with fire and smoke inhalation with other severe and non-life threatening injuries, according to the Mega City Police Department’s report. The report also states that two people have died from the explosion.

At this time, there no new updates to the injured and all are being treated at St. Mercy and Jean-Luc hospitals. The damage to the mall property and the extent of it not known at the moment.

Sgt Fuglsang said, “The investigation is ongoing at this time. The names of the deceased will not be released at this moment. We are notifying their loved ones of their passing.”

Sgt Fuglsang did give some details of the deceased. One is a male from Sgt Bluff, and the other is a woman from Mega City.

Homeland Security will help out in the investigation of the explosion. More federal law enforcement agencies will work alongside the Mega City Police Department.

The Mega City Mall said that “Our hearts and thoughts go out to those who were injured today, and to their families. MCM will be closed while we assist law enforcement’s investigation of this tragic event.”

A retired police officer, a witness to the explosion, said that “it was pretty chaotic.” She was able to help as many people leave the mall as possible.

There are reports that a 12-year-old boy was missing in the mall when the explosion happened. Sgt Fuglsang stated that the child has “not been found yet.”

Another press conference is scheduled today at 3 PM to update the public on any new information into the investigation of the Mega City Mall explosion.




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  1. fuglsangon 18 Dec 2017 at 11:14 AM 1

    Nicely organized, Reilly. The lead could be more “dynamic,” but it gets the point across. You could add that it was before the mall opened.

    Provide names of sources.