Dec 06 2017

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-Fox News

The story is newsworthy because there are reports of anti-Trump bias in the FBI investigation of Trump and the Russians. The story is also newsworthy by the claims of double standards in the case by the Republican Party.

The article has a broadcast video version of the story. The video goes deeper into the report and discusses what is going to happen next.

The article is long, but it also has information from other stories like the firing of an FBI agent for anti-Trump texts and Flynn pleading guilty to lying to the investigators.

The audience is political fans, people interested in the Mueller probe, Trump supporters, and people who are very curious to see what is going to happen next in the anti-Trump dossier.

The lede is compelling because it gives details on what exactly is happening at the moment in the Mueller probe.

The point of view is in the third person. The quotes are in the second and first persons.

One thing that is missing in the article is President Trump’s response to what has been happening recently with the dossier and the other investigations.

Another thing missing in this story is an official statement from the Republican and Democrat parties, the FBI, and Justice Department. The comments that these groups make will help people to see what each side is trying to do and think to complete the investigations correctly.

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