Nov 17 2017

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Mari Pizzini: A Long Way from Home

A young woman from Montana comes into the Fundamentals of Journalism classroom, ready to learn something new she didn’t know before.

Her name is Mari Pizzini, and she’s initially from Helena, Montana. Helena, Montana is 971 miles from Sioux City, Iowa.

She graduated from Helena High in June of 2017. She is a freshman and came to Morningside on a scholarship in bowling, which is a new program at Morningside.

It is unique and uncommon to be a bowler in Montana. She is the first in the state and the second girl in Montana to get a bowling scholarship.
That’s the reason why she came to Iowa. The bonus is that her boyfriend also got a scholarship from Morningside College and came with her to Sioux City.

Back in Helena, she in the high school band for six years, playing the clarinet, which is something that we have in common. Her first dream job was to be a band teacher.

She is a double major in Mass Communications and English at Morningside College; she has a lot on her plate at the moment. She wants to do two majors.

She says, “I wanted to do English and Music originally, and I want to be an editor one day.┬áSo, I decided to go with English and Mass Communications instead to have more abilities as an editor.”

Her dream job is to be an editor for a publishing company. She mentioned Penguin publishing company and wants to edit magazines too.

“It is hard to do a double major sometimes,” she said, “18 credits is not easy to do in a semester.”

She says that she’s earning 16 credits this semester. But for the rest of her time at Morningside, she’ll be working towards 18 credits a semester.

She talked a little bit about her position on the bowling team. She is the fourth position, which means that she sets up the anchor and makes sure that the fifth spot performs well.

I asked her what’s has changed about her since coming from Montana to Iowa and going to Morningside College this semester.

She said, “I have become more responsible. I have been meeting new people this semester. I like Sioux City better than Helena because there’s no snow on the ground right now. Helena already has about half to a foot of snow.”




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  1. fuglsangon 19 Nov 2017 at 11:56 PM 1

    Nicely focused, Reilly. Use this story to think about how you might do your profile lede. There is a bit of anecdote in this lede. This could work as a way to describe meeting your subject. There’s also a bit of what sets Mari apart from others on campus. Keep that in mind if you go for the obstacle/solution structure.