Nov 15 2017

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News Comment #13

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-Fox News

This story is newsworthy because Republicans want Roy Moore, who is being accused of sexual misconduct allegations, replaced and are looking for options to replace him.

There is a video version of the story above it. The video gets to the heart of the story and the issue at hand. It makes it easier to match names and faces together for a viewer.

The story is very long and detailed for readers to understand what the Republicans have for choices when it comes to the Moore and the election.

The story split into eight parts to know all of the possible outcomes that might happen for the December 12th election in Alabama.

The audience is people who are following the continuing stories about sexual allegations in Hollywood, political fans, Republicans, and people who want to see what’s happening with these claims.

The lede is compelling because it gives an update on what’s been going on with the Moore controversy. It also offers why this story is relevant to the readers.

The point of view is the third person. Some of the quotes in the article are either in the second person or the first person.

One thing that is missing the comment from the Republicans about what is going to happen with Moore. In the video above the story shows Mitch McConnell that he stands by the women accusing Moore of sexual misconduct.

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  1. fuglsangon 19 Nov 2017 at 11:44 PM 1

    I commend you for getting through all eight parts of this article, Reilly. While some might think the author is being quite thorough, and answering all the readers’ possible questions, the effort seems misplaced to me. I guess I don’t see the value in hypotheticals.