Nov 02 2017

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Emma Watson Story

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Emma Watson promotes change in gender inequality for women and talks about her struggles as an activist yesterday at the annual One Young World summit.

She was there speaking profoundly about gender inequality for women and the feminist movement. These causes are very personal for her because of how much it means to have equality in society.

Watson’s speech started with her talking about her start and growth as an activist. She’s only been an activist for about two years. She talked about how it scary for her to speak out about something important like equality.

She said, “We, the entire spectrum of the feminist movement, are building an unstoppable current, for which we need ripples of hope from every age, race, ability, walk of life, every human experience.”

She also spoke about how she is going to improve every day as an activist. She described this in only seven sentences that help her continue as an activist.

She said, “These seven statements scare the absolute sh*t out of me. But I know that they are at the crux of it all.”

Emma Watson is an award-winning British actress in Hollywood. She rose to fame with the Harry Potter series movies. She has done several films outside of the Harry Potter movies.

She is also a UN Messenger of Peace. This title means that distinguished individuals are helping put the focus of the world on the work that the United Nations is doing.

One Young World is a United Kingdom non-profit organization that bring young leaders around the world to help deliver solutions to the world’s most significant problems.

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  1. fuglsangon 09 Nov 2017 at 8:29 AM 1

    The first graf (throwaway lede) sounds like broadcast style, and it works. To provide a better second-graf lede, I would replace “she” with something like “the actress best known for the Harry Potter films….” just so listeners have a better sense of who she is. The rest of the story reads pretty well, but be aware you don’t have to/want to report the speech chronologically.