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Nebraska Player Khalil Davis Suspended 1 Game After Ohio State Scuffle

Nebraska’s Khalil Davis is suspended for week 6 after striking Ohio State player.

Davis struck the player during the first quarter although there was no flag called on the play. The suspension was announced on Wednesday by The Big Ten.

This article was very informative about the situation and stayed unbiased. It might’ve lacked some details but the situation seems closed off.


From Okoboji Resident to Big Man on Campus

Alex Watters, you may have heard of him before. Thats because of all of the work he has done around Sioux City while being handicapped. Alex is currently part of the Sioux City council while also lending his helping hand in career services at Morningside College.

Alex grew up in Iowa where he developed his main passion in life, politics. He carried this over even into college when he made the move to Sioux City to study at Morningside College. During his first week at Morningside, Alex was involved in an accident that would change his life forever.

After diving head first into shallow water, Alex broke his neck and was shortly taken to the hospital. He now lives his life handicapped with varying movement in his arms and now confined to a wheel chair. Alex loves to look at the positives in his situation saying, “It could be a lot worse”. Even though he is handicapped, Alex likes to think of the ways he was blessed by the situation.

Alex now works at Morningside College while being a member of city council. At Morningside, Alex worked as an advisor for four years before making the switch to career services. “My favorite thing to see is when students have the realization about a career path”.

The Interesting Experience With Deviled Eggs

After taking a bite out of the slick and smooth deviled egg, I was immediately hit with the taste of mayo and puréed egg. As I continued to chew, I found that the egg casing and egg filling began to mush together creating an “interesting” flavor. The red spices on the top never really came out as the taste of egg and mayo came out the strongest.   

Scavenger Hunt

For the items I had to find were a movie recommendation and a selfie with a person.

For the movie recommendation I asked Grace Russman, who was about to enter the commons for lunch. I asked her for her movie recommendation and she quickly replied with, “the princes bride”. I thanked her and sent her on her way.

The second was the weirdest, a selfie with a stranger. My subject was Ben Hieb, just a student waiting for class. I asked him for the selfie and he replied, “um yeah sure” before snapping this pic:

Article #1 Reflection

  1. I think i put the most effort into writing the lead for the story. I did this because it is the most important part of the story besides the information that follows.
  2. The most difficult part of the story for me was structuring the paper from the most important info to least important. To me, a lot of the info was important for my story.
  3. The biggest problem I encountered while writing this story was leaving some information out when it should’ve been included.

Former Oakland Raiders player dies of brain condition (news comment)

Neiron Ball, 27, a former linebacker for the Oakland Raiders dies of rare brain condition.

Ball was struck with a brain aneurysm in December of 2018 and later placed in a medically induced coma. Ball’s family says that Ball has been conscious through his coma. Natalie Myricks, Ball’s Sister, stated, “He can track with his eyes, but he can’t move his legs, arms or neck”.

The lead this article used was pretty good, using injury and death to attract readers. The author also did a good job staying away from biases and let the quotes provoke emotion.


Story 1 (Final)

Amazon Rainforest Fires

The Amazon Rainforest continues to burn as more than 80,000 fires have been detected by Brazil in the first eight months of 2019. 

This is the highest number of fires Brazil has seen since 2010, which reached over 125,000 fires. A quote from CNN reported, “The number of fires in Brazil this year is the highest on record since 2013 and is up by 85% from last year alone”. Many areas of Brazil have reached up to over 100% increase of fires.

Causes of the fires

Some causes of these fires can be narrowed down to Brazil’s dry season and fires being used to clear out areas for farming purposes. July and August of this year have been the driest for brazil. 

Along with dry weather, fire is being used to clear sections of the Amazon for farmland. Christian Poirier from Amazon Watch says, “the vast majority of the fires can be attributed to humans”.

Consequences of the fires

Due to the amount of fires, there has been a carbon monoxide bloom in nearby areas of the Amazon rainforest. This amount of carbon monoxide directly contributes to the lack of rainfall in the Amazon. 

Alongside lower amounts of rainfall, climate change is also being affected. BBC reported, “The carbon emission could contribute to global warming, but the longer term global impact is more difficult to pin down”. 

Who is taking action?

President Bolsonaro has reached out to the armed forces to help this situation. Many believe Bolsonaro isn’t doing enough to stop the fires in Brazil.

France tried to step in to help before being shut down by Bolsonaro. BBC reports, “France’s President Emmanuel Macron even threatened to scrap a huge trade deal between the European Union and South America as a result”.

Articles Used:

Huskers down two players after incident (news comment)

Bad news strikes the Nebraska Cornhuskers as two of their players have been indefinitely suspended from the team. The two players, Andre hunt and Katerian LeGrone, were redshirt freshmen expecting to see the field this year before the suspension. Offensive coordinator Troy Walters didn’t give any reasons for the suspensions.

This article was very short but was simple and to the point. It gave all the information that was given and didn’t use any bias against the players or University. This helps the readers have their own view points instead of being told how to feel.


Violent video games under fire by media yet again (news comment)

Violent video games have been under fire by the media lately for “causing violence in our communities and fueling aggression”. That accusation raises many questions from gamers, developers, and parents of gamers, do they actually lead to violent people? The article states, “There’s no science proving a link between video games and real-world violence”. There have been studies proving that violent video games can make people aggressive, but this doesn’t make people commit atrocities.

            This article does a good job of staying non-biased by supplying the facts and making the reader form their own opinions. Before reading this article, I had a preconceived opinion over violent video games so I agreed heavily with the results of the article.


The One and Only, Zac Hazen

What do you think of when you hear the name Zac Hazen? Maybe you think of a cool guy who’s down to earth and understanding. Maybe you think of a Morningside track star. Well, Zac can be summed up by that and many more activities that he’s involved in. Zac was born in a town called Vertigre, NE where he was the second youngest of two brothers. While growing up in Vertigre, Zac learned how to skate and play many sports such as track, football, and wrestling. From there he decided to continue his education and track career at Morningside College. To this day he enjoys skating, eating Asian food, and the color green. Zac truly is a one of a kind guy.

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