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The walk to class

While walking to class I had a conversation with Zac and Anna. Anna didn’t know what we would do in class today. Neither did Zac and I. Zac debated to himself it was even worth showing up for class.

Zac was an average hight, curly haired, goof that always loved to joke and provoke discussion. Anna is shorter, straight haired, and is more laid back. Listening to them argue about showing up to class was something else.

Before we came to the conclusion, we pondered on why we were kept so long in our last class. As we neared the door we all decided that it might be a good idea to show up. We might have been wrong.

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  1. crstaff

    No, you were right.

    How do you know Zac debated with himself? I like the word “goof.” It really works well for some people.

    Think about what bits of description could help readers make sense of a story.

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