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16 Year Old Activist Lashes Out at UN’s Action Summit

Greta Thunberg, a 16 year old Swedish activist, questions our emissions usage at UN summit yesterday.

Thunberg gave a heartfelt speech about the worlds plans to cut down emissions usage was weak and “nowhere in site” to what it needs to be. he opening to the speech gave warning to the UN saying, “we will be watching you”.

Thunberg also touched on how, “(The World) has stolen my childhood” by leaving these problems for her generation to solve. Even though she had her childhood “stolen” from her, she considers herself one of the lucky ones.

At the end of Thunberg’s speech, she addresses that “change is coming whether you like it or not”.

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  1. fuglsang

    I like the second graf, Riley, but the lead could be improved:

    Greta Thunberg, a 16 year old Swedish activist,took the stage yesterday and challenged the United Nation’s lack of action on climate change.

    Tie the lead to the second graf, Then the second to the third. And so on.

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