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Parking: A Commuters Epidemic

To commuters, parking may be the biggest source of stress they will encounter throughout their entire college career. The common problems commuters have to deal with while trying to park may outweigh the rest of the problems they face the rest of the day. 

These problems include high prices for parking passes, dodging fines and tickets, and finally trying to find a spot to park in.

Parking passes can be a problem for commuters because it’s another expense that goes towards the college. Here at Morningside, parking passes can set you back $100. This may not be much to some, but for college students its critical.

Zac Hazen, a local student and commuter at Morningside College said, “It’s stupid how much they are, but it feels like you need one anyway”. 

If you aren’t rocking a parking pass, you will have to dodge fines and tickets. This can be very stressful especially if you’re just trying to make it to class on time. You can always try to park on street sides and other parking lots, but there are never guaranteed spots. 

Zac, who chose not to buy a parking pass, said: “Usually I just try to park on a street somewhere, if its full I’ll park in the lot hoping I won’t get fined. 

Sometimes you might just have to park halfway across campus just to ensure you won’t be ticketed. 

Lastly, there’s trying to find a parking space. It feels like there just isn’t any parking around campus most of the time. Parking usually starts to fill up around 9-9:30am, but what if class doesn’t start till 10? 

Too bad, I guess. You can try to learn when major class times get out, but who really has time between projects and studying for tests? Jordan Torez, a student at Morningside College stated, “Just trying to get to class is a hassle enough”.

Parking is a whole other mess thats adds to the stresses of college and demands a lot out of students here at Morningside. It leaves a lot of room for improvement. Parking passes, parking spaces, and dodging fines all contribute to the stress of parking here at Morningside. 

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  1. Ashley

    I liked your story! (I did the same topic)

    You did a good job of staying on topic and kind of splitting it into 3 different parts (price, tickets, and finding a spot)

    However, I think you could find a couple more people to interview about this topic. I talked to Brett Lyon so maybe he would be a good resource to you as well? I also interviewed students on their basic thoughts of parking/parking prices. I think that would be good information for you to discover as well. Then you could get a couple more good quotes as well. Just get a professional thought in there as well along with students!

    “Parking passes can be a problem for commuters because it’s another expense that goes towards the college.” does not quite make sense to me.. what are you trying to say? Why is this a problem?

    Lastly, I wouldn’t end your paper with a quote..try to end it differently!

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