Alex Watters, you may have heard of him before. Thats because of all of the work he has done around Sioux City while being handicapped. Alex is currently part of the Sioux City council while also lending his helping hand in career services at Morningside College.

Alex grew up in Iowa where he developed his main passion in life, politics. He carried this over even into college when he made the move to Sioux City to study at Morningside College. During his first week at Morningside, Alex was involved in an accident that would change his life forever.

After diving head first into shallow water, Alex broke his neck and was shortly taken to the hospital. He now lives his life handicapped with varying movement in his arms and now confined to a wheel chair. Alex loves to look at the positives in his situation saying, “It could be a lot worse”. Even though he is handicapped, Alex likes to think of the ways he was blessed by the situation.

Alex now works at Morningside College while being a member of city council. At Morningside, Alex worked as an advisor for four years before making the switch to career services. “My favorite thing to see is when students have the realization about a career path”.