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Violent video games under fire by media yet again (news comment)

Violent video games have been under fire by the media lately for “causing violence in our communities and fueling aggression”. That accusation raises many questions from gamers, developers, and parents of gamers, do they actually lead to violent people? The article states, “There’s no science proving a link between video games and real-world violence”. There have been studies proving that violent video games can make people aggressive, but this doesn’t make people commit atrocities.

            This article does a good job of staying non-biased by supplying the facts and making the reader form their own opinions. Before reading this article, I had a preconceived opinion over violent video games so I agreed heavily with the results of the article.

Article: https://apple.news/AlRDOz0ZYS5WgogGK2m5vug

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  1. fuglsang

    I don’t know, Riley. The headline sure seems to suggest a bias? But considering how long the debate about violence and video games has gone on, despite the overwhelming evidence there is no connection, the headline does make sense.

    How does the reporter cover both sides of the issue? Provide an example.

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