Scavenger Hunt: Happy/Angry (Group Projects)

October 29th, 2016

I have a love-hate relationship with group projects. They are great if I’m with a motivated group of people. On the flip side, it can be dreadful when the group doesn’t clique, or if I’m the only person who cares about the  grade. It’s just frustrating to be  in a class with the stereotypical dumb jocks who expect the “smart girl” to do all the work.

“Okay, we’re going to number off into groups,” says the Professor. That single phrase lets loose an enormous swarm of butterflies into my stomach.  My anxiety levels rise. I know that there is no possible way that I will end up working with my best friends, due to the fact that we all sit together in the same row.

As the first row starts to number off, I anxiously await my turn to say my number. After I reveal my fate, I instantly whip around in my chair to see who I get stuck working with.

“Before you move into your groups, listen up to what I’m expecting to see from all of you,” the Professor quickly adds. After the instructions are explained, the classroom is filled with sighs and groans because getting up and moving is just such hard work.

I find my group, and as I expected I’m stuck with guys who I don’t really know. Judgments and assumptions start filtering through my mind. Oh great I’m stuck with that guy. He won’t do anything. On the other hand, I think this other guy looks somewhat attentive. Wrong. All  5 of the guys literally turn and stare at me at the same time with a look of anticipation on their face waiting for me to re-explain to them what we are doing and delegate tasks.

We were supposed to sharing data with each other and then present it to the class. Instead of sharing data, I get the pleasure of listening to Tuesday night bar stories  and some hot cashier at JC Penney’s. Awkwardly, I pretend to be reading my notes. And my parents wonder why I’m single. As an after thought, the guys realize that we are supposed to be putting together a presentation and look again to me for guidance.

“You should start the presentation,” one guy said to me. Well that’s the most intelligent thing you’ve said all class period!

The presentation ended up being fine thanks to my improvisation of tying everyone’s BS’ed notes together to make a valid point.

I get frustrated with myself for always bailing my group members out because I care way too much about the smallest of assignments. Being a quiet person in general doesn’t help my case either.That is why I prefer to work alone or with my choice of people.




One Response to “Scavenger Hunt: Happy/Angry (Group Projects)”

  1. fuglsang on October 30, 2016 2:07 pm

    So, is it just guys who don’t ever care? Or was it just this one assignment? I know there are guys who care about grades, and women who don’t, but overall….

    There are a lot of reasons group projects are popular in college. The one most faculty will use is that they are preparation for the “real world,” where students will be expected to know how to work as part of a team. You describe the situation well here. Other students will recognize themselves–even those guys who look to others to do the work.

    Have you considered strategies for what to do when you, or others, are thrown into these situations? It seems like you’re willing to take control to get things done, which frustrates you. What are the other options?

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